Cambodia Compassions with $0 to $100 budget

Money can go a lot further over here.

  • 3. Another sweet family receive support

    Another delivery of basic foodstuffs to a family in need. As well as delivering food she will spend time with them and find out what more they need and what can be done.

  • 2. Food parcel to small family

    Muylen delivers a food support to a small family in rural Cambodia. Like every country, there are people who are rich, and people who are poor, and Muylen works to support those greatest in need.

  • 1. Muylen delivers a food parcel in rural Cambodia

    The first of many food parcels delivered by Muylen, to rural Cambodia people, many of whom live in what could be called day to day survival poverty. She's buying food for them, and finding out other ways they can be really helped.