Meet Bird

Bird Lovegod, founder of CompassionateTV, shares his thoughts and ideas regarding CompassionateTV, but also life, society, Faith, truth, politics, problems, solutions. Everything.

  • How much is a LIFE worth?

    How much is a life worth? A serious question, a dangerous question, a terrible and challenging question. How can consumerism survive when you know you can save ten lives for the price of a watch?

  • How we do charity BETTER than charities

    Charities are often opaque, and does your donation even make any difference? CompassionateTV shows you what your money does. And if you donate as well as subscribe, you can see EXACTLY what your donation made happen. The future of charitable giving.

  • We are NOT a charity

    CompassionateTV is NOT a charity. Bird talks about why this is a big advantage.