UK Compassions with £0 to £100 budget

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  • 21 A lady has her benefits stopped. We step in.

    Her benefits got cut, stopped with no notice, so she's panicking and stressed because she got no money. She gets in touch, we do a shop and deliver it for her. Like Superman, but with Aldi bags and no cape. Or laser eyes. But even so. Thanks to our heroic subscribers we can fly to assist.

  • 19. £20 sent to a chap in poverty

    Really quick one... just sent £20 by bank transfer to a chap in poverty. We know and trust him and have met him in person a few times.

  • 18. Imagine it's Friday evening, and you have no food.

    We do what we can, for whom we can. It might not seem like a lot, £30 worth of shopping bought and delivered, but imagine if you had no food, and no money, and it was Friday evening. A couple of bags of shopping can make a great deal of difference.

  • 17. Shopping and care for a domestic abuse victim

    She lives with domestic abuse, and abuse and violence from the drug infested community in which she lives. She needs a new life. All we can do is make sure she has food.

  • 16. £20 worth of Ferrero Rocher

    This compassion was funded by Margaret, who donated £20. Bird spent it on 20 packets of Ferrero Rocher then gave them to nurses and NHS workers at a hospital we was attending.

  • 15. The antiglamour of poverty

    Bird talks about poverty, and buys and delivers a food parcel. "Poverty can be like a slow puncture of the soul."

  • 14. Is it compassionate to pick up litter?

    Let's ask that question.. and explore it. Maybe one day CompassionateTV will have teams of people picking up litter, cleaning rivers, healing the environment.... Let's hope so.

  • 13. Friendly litter pick up

    Funny one this. I saw the toppled recycling bin earlier in the day, all the bottles all over the street, and I meant to drive by later and pick them up. Then forgot about it, and five hours later, arriving home, remembered I had forgotten. So I drove back, and just as I got there I saw another gu...

  • 12. Compassion for a tree

    Bird notices a tree that needs freeing from the constraints support. I guess we all need that sometimes in our lives.

  • 11 Bird delivers the last food parcel for the week

    Food shop for someone who needs loads of help, she really needs a new life, but that's not within our ability to deliver right now. One day, perhaps.

  • 10. Struggling with the feeling

    Sometimes we don't feel compassionate. What then? Perhaps being compassionate isn't a feeling, sometimes, perhaps more than that it's a decision. To be compassionate even when we are feeling uncompassionate... perhaps this is a higher compassion..?

  • 9. Sorting some blinds is a compassionate thing!

    Bird turns his hand to interior decor and velux window enhancement

  • 8 Bird raids a food bank :)

    There's no money for support, so Bird hits the food bank.

  • 7. It's only a rug, but it's more than that

    It's about making people feel cared for and loved, and making their homes nicer, reducing their stress and anxiety.

  • 6...Mother and very sweet child

    Mother and sweet child receive support and invite us into their home.

  • 5. Crossroads...

    A simple food delivery turns into a crisis at the crossroads of faith and a deep reflection of the condition of humanity.

  • Compassion 4. Spontaneous kindness

    In the post office, decided to help a young lad.

  • Compassion 3. Food and electric

    She needed food, and electricity, and someone to talk to after being beaten up.

  • Number 2 ...Puurrrfect

    Late Friday evening food parcel puuurrrrchase and delivery

  • CompassionateTV1

    We buy and deliver some really nice shopping for a chap in the UK. He's being persecuted because he's a Christian... At some point we are going to enable him to move away from the area into a nicer one!